Practical Articles

How To Repair A Straw Bale Wall

Straw bales walls are tough, but sometimes repairs still need to be made. Learn how to repair your own straw bale home with these six simple steps.

The Building Industry and Unrealistic Expectations

It’s common for owner builders to suffer from high stress levels, due to unmet expectations. Understanding the limitations of the building industry and reduce this stress.

16 Ways To Save Money When Building A House

How to save money when you’re building a straw bale house on a budget- in extensive guide for the savvy owner builder.

Building an Energy Efficient Home

Everybody assumes that a straw bale house is an energy efficient house. But is it enough to fulfill the 6 Star Energy Rating requirement?

How Much Does a Straw Bale House Cost?

This is everybody’s favourite question, and it’s a difficult one to answer. Here I will give you an estimate.

The second Coat of Render

The second coat of render can be considered the most important- it protects your bales and shapes your walls.

Buying Land and the Section 32

The idea of the section 32 is to give you vital information on the property, which could potentially prove detrimental to you as a buyer.

Straw Bale Installation

The ins and outs of assembling a straw bale wall. Straw bale installation is so much more than just laying bales.

Being An Owner Builder

Building your own house is never an easy venture. But building your own straw bale home brings with it a sense of accomplishment to which nothing can compare.