A collection of informative articles to get you started on your straw bale journey

How to Make Fixing Points in a Straw Bale House

Knowing how to make fixing points in a straw bale house is essential for any owner builder. Whether it’s hanging an artwork or installing a wall mounted television, it’s important to learn this simple skill. In this how-to guide, I will go through what to do if you suddenly decide you need a painting on that bare wall, but haven’t put a fixing point in place during the building phase.


Soil Classification

The classification of soil types in your envelope will dramatically change the way your home will be engineered- and how much it will cost.

What's the Difference Between Straw and Hay?

Some people use hay and straw interchangeably, and this can be confusing for a prospective owner builder. So let’s take some time to clear this up.

How Long Do Straw Bale Houses Last

Reassuringly, straw bale houses can last just as long, if not longer, than traditional brick or weatherboard homes.

How To Repair A Straw Bale Wall

Want to know how to repair a straw bale wall? This article has informative pictures and step-by-step instructions, making home repairs easy.

The Building Industry and Unrealistic Expectations

Sometimes people become stressed because of their unmet building industry expectations. Understanding industry limitations will prevent this. 

16 Ways To Save Money When Building A House

How to save lots of money when you’re building a straw bale house on a budget- an extensive list of helpful hints for the savvy owner-builder.

Building an Energy Efficient Home

Straw bale is the way forward when it comes to building an energy efficient house. But you need more to pass an energy assessment.

How Much Does a Straw Bale House Cost?

The cost of building a straw bale house depends on a lot of things, but we can give you a very rough estimate and even teach you how!

The second Coat of Render

The second coat of lime render can be considered the most important render coat- it protects your bales and shapes your walls.

Buying Land and the Section 32

The idea of the section 32 is to give you vital information on the property, which could potentially prove detrimental to you as a buyer.

Straw Bale Installation

The ins and outs of assembling a straw bale wall before rendering. Straw bale installation is so much more than just laying bales.

Being An Owner Builder

Being an owner builder is never easy. But building a straw bale home brings with it a sense of accomplishment to which nothing can compare.

Living in Straw Bale

Thinking about how much I love living in straw bale now, it’s hard to believe I once wanted to live in a standard brick house.

Building Our Home - Expect Sheep to Go Wrong

A blog post about what it was like building our home, and all the things that can happen as a straw bale owner builder.

Straw Bale Building: Structural Infill vs Load Bearing

Load bearing straw bale houses can seem cheaper, but are they really worth it? Consider building a structural infill house to save your sanity