Need Help Building Your Own Straw Bale House?

Industry Contacts

Need help with building your own straw bale house? Here at Anvil we have a trusted and reliable team of subcontractors and building industry contacts. In fact we all can’t wait to help you build your own straw bale home!

Strawbale Rendering: Mark Beedle specialises in rendering straw bale homes using his render pump

Email address:

Phone number:  0411 042 363


Mortgage Broker: Paul Blake, from Moneyquest Home Loans, may be able to help you find a bank who will loan to straw bale owner builders.

Phone number: 1300 345 747


Owner Builder Insurance: Mark Adams, at Cover Force, offers insurance to cover owner builders. Additionally, Mark will cover some volunteers at 75% of normal income.

Contact: Mark Adam

Phone number: 1300 255 747



Anvil also has drafting, engineering and surveying contacts, exclusively for our registered clients.

For information on this, or if you need help building your own straw bale house and aren’t sure where to start, call Micah Hodge on: 0428 246 868


Straw Bale Products

To place an order, please email with the items you require and your postal address. We will then send you an invoice with the shipping charge, total cost, and payment details. Furthermore, if you have any questions about the products listen below, please call Micah on 0428 246 868.

  • Compression Strapping – $176
  • Buckles (Bag of 100) – $27
  • Tensioning Tool – $135
  • Bale Knife – $153
  • Bale Needles (in development)


Other Information

For owner builder permits, please select your state below to be taken to the relevant website. Additionally, some states require prospective owner builders to complete an owner builder course. This must be done before applying for an owner builder permit.